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Considering the challenges presented by current markets with ever greater client demands, the management team of Hotel Internacional Calella, S.A. understands that quality aimed at client satisfaction ensures company success.

For this reason, the management team at Hotel Internacional Calella, S.A. has established its main objective of improving quality, which can be achieved through permanent leadership by assigning all the resources necessary to carry out good management as well as using an analysis of process results as a measurement for controlling continuous improvement.

Considering that a good organisational climate and excellent communication are the basis for the optimal performance of company staff and, therefore, of the company itself, these declarations are an integral part of the company's Quality Policy.

The management team believes it essential that all people at the company take an active role in this policy, bearing in mind the daily goals:

– Continuous improvment.
– The importance of fulfilling the requirements agreed with the client, as well as legal regulations.
With the aim of describing the general Quality Policy and the main aspects required to systematically guarantee it, the Quality Management System is established based on regulation EN-ISO-9001:2008, gathered in the Quality Manual, and in the procedures and documents developed, with the fulfillment of their clauses being mandatory throughout the company.

It is essential that company staff who have been informed of this policy understand the direction the organisation is moving in. They must also commit to the objectives they have been assigned.

Each staff member must put the philosophy of doing things "right first time round" into practice every day in order to take on responsibility for quality in the undertaking of his/her job, therefore achieving raised levels in company quality and competitiveness.

For the purpose of assessing the advancements in quality, the management team annually defines quality objectives for all company areas. These aims are communicated with all staff members through their respective superiors.

The Management Team

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